Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Come Walk With Me

10 am. Journal Entry

I just came back from a walk with Pumpkin. Poor old girl. She's getting on with age. Just like her 2 owners no doubt. I will write for a bit then I will head out for a walk of my own. A little different than walking at a cat's slow pace.

I started boxing my journals this morning to get them ready to store in the fire proof vault at the Historical Society building here in town. I had a very unexpected emotional reaction to boxing up the first 50. All kinds of feelings came rushing at me. It was like a tidal wave knocked me off my feet.

In my mind I was setting out to accomplish a task and that was it, but it quickly turned into a surge of - longing for more time to write, a realization that years are going by faster than I'd like them to, and recognizing that there are writing projects that I started and abandoned and some I never started on because life got too busy and that made me sad.

There's a question that keeps popping into my mind from time to time and that question is, what if I knew I only had a short time left to live? What is it I would wish I had done more of? What would be my biggest regret? It certainly wouldn't be to have worked more. It would be to have spent more time writing, walking, exploring, quality time with people I love. Those are the things that have always mattered to me and that matter to me even more now.

The other realization - only I can make those choices.

Time to go for my walk before my day with clients begins.

 Yup, I like my pace better than walking with Pumpkin. I should try putting her on a skate board and pulling her along when I go for my walks.

   Mr. Grasshopper sat there and posed for me. I think he was trying to show me his good side.

Lots of mushrooms out there with all the rain we've had lately. Cute little family in this patch.

And on tonight's walk......

What a beauty that moon is in all her splendor. I could have walked with her all night.

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