Monday, 26 September 2016

This Morning's Blessings

The breathings of my heart, as William Wordsworth would say, is full of quiet contemplation and warmth from my day spend in good company yesterday. The joy of letting go of everything, a good time in the pool, the colors and smells of nature, and the text messages from Marcel this morning sharing the beauty of his early stroll in the outdoors.

I am appreciative of the work I have, but on mornings like this where I don't have to rush off early, I really enjoy being able to sit and relax by my happy lamp with my cup of Alpine Berry tea, while I munch on some granola and let my thoughts wander on the page.

I really don't think I'd have any problem with retirement.

Not that I can afford to do that - but just saying.

One of my daughters, after I texted her to wish her a good day and tell her I loved her, responded with, "Whoa, that's a surprise. Never hear from you lately." Followed by, "Shouldn't you be slowing down in your old age and not getting busier?"

Old Age! I mean really! Lol! But she's right of course. The white thinning hair, wrinkles, onion skin hands with veins popping out everywhere, are a witness to that fact.

If I go by what some people say, retirement doesn't necessarily equate slowing down, but then again, it all comes back to choices doesn't it.

Incorporating more "want to's" and less "should's" is high on my agenda.

Sunrise photos courtesy of Marcel

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