Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Sunshine Harvest & Mystery Person

Lots of gratitude around this farming community today. Sunshine with a warm wind equals a great big smile on people's faces, most especially farmers. Let's hope there's a lot more of that on the way so everyone can bring the harvest in.

I had a few hours in the latter part of the afternoon to do a little harvesting myself. Plus I even managed to finish cutting my grass. All of this in between seeing five clients. I'm a little pooped as a result but it's a good tired. I got to be outside in the sun for part of the day, sessions with clients went well, got all my paperwork done, plus I have a good book to lose myself in when I finish this post and crawl into bed.  

Hey, does anyone know this guy? He seems to think he owns my head space or something. The bugger is constantly popping into my dreams and interrupting my sleep then I end up fidgeting all night long.

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