Monday, 12 September 2016

Enjoyable No Drama Kind of Day

Pumpkin and I got to spend a bit of time outside on the back deck today. Her in her chair and me in mine. I actually took time to rest, read, write and walk. The makings of a perfect day.

I got a lot of nitty-gritty stuff done too. An on-line training session, washed clothes, changed the company bed, did dishes, made supper, drained and cleaned my water barrel, opened up the trap doors under the house so things would dry up under there. Went for a long walk. Booked a hotel room for an end of October getaway. Took care of some emails. Did a bunch of journal writing which led to my brown Egyptian style journal biting the dust. One more to stack and store in the cedar chest.

I'm good though. I have a back up supply waiting for me. I chose the Inukshuk journal to use next. A handcrafted one made by a local crafter that I got as a gift last Christmas. Looking forward to seeing what kind of  thoughts fill those pages.

I realized something while I was out walking this afternoon. Canada geese can fly a hell of a lot faster than I can walk. Big flocks of them were heading West. Maybe they were on their way to an important convention somewhere.

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