Sunday, 25 September 2016

Sunday Meanderings

Like I said a couple of blog posts back - when I get into my paper journal I don't seem to come here and vise versa. Like I've said many time before, the days are never long enough it seems.

Speaking of days. Are they ever getting shorter in terms of daylight hours.

Fall is slowly wrapping it's arms of many colors around us. There's a very distinct earthen smell of fallen leaves, of dew filled undergrowth in bushes, and the occasional wood burning fireplace that greets us. Throughout the day flocks of geese are honking as they pass overhead in search of the next farmer's field to stop and feed in before they begin their migration South. Pick any road to go for a Sunday drive and you will see farmers scurrying around like squirrels and leaving a cloud of dust behind them as they race against time to bring in the crops.  

Shorter daylight hours is a little difficult for me. I get cabin fever and feel my battery draining much quicker than in summer. In Winter, when the sun is out and about, I'm usually inside working so miss out on it. But, this year I've got a back up system so I'm anxious to see if it will make a difference.

I got myself a Happy Light, better known as a natural spectrum energy lamp - a Costco special. I've already started to use it. Even if I still get sun on my back deck in the morning, it's usually too chilly to sit outside to do my journaling so I sit at my desk in front of my lamp instead. It's like sitting in the sunshine on my back deck, (well almost anyway). I'll see if it helps keep my mood to a summer level.

I was out on an early morning walk and it was fun to watch the sun struggle to peek out of the clouds.

This afternoon we enjoyed an outing to the High Prairie swimming pool with our friend Marcel. It was just what I needed for my stiff neck which was causing me pain down across my back and shoulders yesterday and this morning. A good soak from hot to cool water and back to hot again can fix a lot of aches and pains I tell you.

On the way to HP I had to stop and take another picture of these landmark buildings at the corner. You've likely seen me post similar pictures before.

 Every time I take a photo the shape of the barn has changed.

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