Sunday, 11 September 2016

Dying Beauty

"It's so strange that autumn is so beautiful yet everything is dying."

A quote I posted on my Inner Pathways Facebook page that grabbed my attention and held it captive while I chewed on the deeper meaning of these words. This morning, when I stepped outside and a whiff of fall came up to greet me, I was once again reminded of this quote and how relevant it is to what is already beginning to happen.  

The air is much colder, the sun less intense, and a thick blanket of morning dew covers everything in sight. Already a few leaves have turned yellow and orange and tumbled to the green carpet below. With each passing day now there will be more and more until the green becomes a sea of gold.

This afternoon I attended a memorial service, or more accurately a gathering of friends and family for a very informal celebration of life, for a long time resident of McLennan, Fligh Lt. Don Fish.

Informal as it was, I was touched by words spoken, stories shared, greetings and hugs exchanged, and how even in death, there is beauty and something of that person that lives on in those who remain.

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