Monday, 30 January 2017

Getting In The Groove

Getting back in the groove of things since we've been back from Mexico is proving to be challenging. I've yet to get back into my daily walk and I seem to be plodding along at a much slower pace than usual. I'm hoping I'll get back on track soon.

Tomorrow should prove interesting since I have a very full day ahead of me. We'll see how it goes.

I'm finding it difficult to be sitting all day since I had that head on collision with that huge ocean wave that tossed me around and landed me hard on my tail bone. Darn tail bone has been giving me grief since.

I would never do it but, it would be interesting to see my clients reactions if I'd ask them to stand with me while we had our session. Shish! They would likely scratch their head and walk out the door or never show up again so I best leave my butt in the chair.

When we were in Mexico I brought Andree to see what someone set up in a narrow passageway on the outside of a building. It's called Beer Bob's Book Exchange and it's obviously been there a very long time. Most books are old and dusty but you can tell there's the odd one here and there that's been dropped off more recent by the amount of dust on them.

Andree and I walked in and had a browse around. We didn't find anything we wanted to read which is just as well since we didn't have any books to exchange anyway.

I love discovering and exploring new and unusual places or things when we go somewhere we haven't been before. This kind of stuff is often the highlight of our trips for me. Doesn't take much to keep me happy I guess. It's the adventurous spirit in me I suppose. I love the newness. The change.

I come alive with that kind of stuff. I think what I like most about exploring something or someplace new, is that it's like looking though a pair of fresh new eyes and seeing for the very first time. It leaves me in awe.

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