Monday, 12 October 2015


I thought about passion a lot yesterday. Where does passion come from? My passion for writing or anyone else's passion for that matter. Where does it come from? 

It wasn’t taught to us.  Does passion come from an inner need?  Does passion get deposited within us by the Creator because we have something to contribute to the world? Is our passion also our mission? Is that our purpose while here on earth? Is it to discover and live our passion? 

What about those who say they don’t have a passion? Is their purpose different or is it that they haven’t discovered or named their passion? Is passion hiding within everyone and it’s a matter of allowing it through, or not?

This is what Mark Nepo says about passion.  “When resisted, it carves out the heart daily.” Man, have I ever felt that in regards to writing a book and am I ever feeling it now. 

It’s time to get down to the business of writing again before my heart looks like chopped liver. Reconnecting with the passion of story, of finding the right words to adequately say what I see, feel and live or what I am passionate about, and to put it in a format where I can share that with the world is meaningful for me. 

It is a challenge that is full of ups and downs and sometimes launches me through a gamut of emotions from A to Z, yet it is the single most rewarding thing that for me makes time disappear.  

My dream place to write and create
When I come to the end of a good page, paragraph or even sentence, I feel the vibrant energy that comes from singing my song.

Today singing my song was to complete week one of my Visual Journaling course. Yoohoo! Only four more weeks to put together now.      

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