Thursday, 29 October 2015

Explosion Versus Calm

Some mornings I wonder if I should have even bothered to get out of bed. 

An exploding oven door isn't exactly my idea of a great way to start the morning but shit happens and a person has to get on with their day. So I did.

That was yesterday. Today was a better morning and a better day. Part of it was spotting this little fella sneaking a snack on someone's front lawn.

The other part was nipping a few things in the butt and getting things done. It's always nice when you can wrap up some loose ends and check things off the to do list. Now if I could only stop adding to it I might catch up to myself one of these days.  

Signed a contract with two schools today so that's not exactly helping my cause in the free time department but I'm pretty happy about how it will boost the financial end of things. I'll give it a whirl until the end of this school year and see how it goes.

I was going to just post pictures on my blog tonight so I could get my butt to bed before the clock strikes 12 or 1 am for a change but I get on here then I don't want to shut up. 

It's kind of a stress relief pill before bed. If I can at least write something, whether it makes sense or not, then I can lay my head on the pillow and go right to sleep. Which is exactly where I'm going to head to now.


  1. I'm glad you do listen to your urge to write. One never knows what's going to come out.

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