Sunday, 11 October 2015

What I'm Grateful For

Gratitude was the order of my day today-just because.

I got up and opened the door  to check on the weather and discovered the trees had gifted me and formed a river of gold on my back deck. Even after picking leaves day after day, this sight this morning still looked really pretty to me.

I heard from all three of my daughters today which always warms my heart, Even if it's just a few short text messages I like to stay connected. Today I got pictures of them and some of my grand kids. I'm thankful for the awesome people they are and for the technology that allows us to stay connected even if we live far away from each other.

I got to help people which in my books is always a good thing not only for them but for me too. People forget that sometimes. That it goes both ways.

After a hard days work, I got to watch a movie with my honey. It was a movie to do with writing, (screenplay writing) but nevertheless, writing.

I had a one hour hot bath to soak my sore muscles and the minute I closed my  eyes I was off to dreamland until the progressively cooler water woke me up. Now I'm wide awake of course.

Our kitchen table is dressed in a Thanksgiving kind of decor with an arrangement of fresh flowers that Andree made to look so pretty. Yes, for sure, there's a lot to be grateful for.

Oh, before I sign off, Kate in answer to the comment you left on my last blog post, the course I am creating is "Visiaul or Art Journaling." It is using the power of imagery along with the written word to express one's lived experience - how one feels as a result of a stimulus of some kind I provide as part of the lesson. I seriously have to get going on that if I want to be able to teach it in a matter of two weeks. Yikes!  

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