Monday, 1 August 2016

Journal Entry

Monday August 1st, 2:15 pm

It's been an awesome morning. Josee and I left early to bike our way to Levi. The weather, the best a person could ask for. The company, life giving. The scenery, candy for the eyes. The ride, as Josee said, "Zen like." The experience as a whole, food for the soul.

Rock sculpture next to the bike path
Right now I am by myself. Josee has continued the ride home to be with her mom and to visit with Edith. I chose to stop in at the pool. With only 7 km left in order to get back to the house, I have time to absorb even more of the moment.

I am writing now, letting my thoughts flow where they may. Later, I will read on my Kindle for a bit. I am on the 4th chapter of the book "Uncovered" by Leah Lax. A memoir of course. I am intrigued by her story and love her writing style. Before I leave, I will go for a dip in the pool and be refreshed form my ride back.

Josee and I had a good time and shared some meaningful talks. It was a leisurely ride with stops to enjoy the beauty of the fleuve, a park, and a cove with a sandy beach.

Right now I am sitting at a picnic table in partial sun with the rest of me shaded by huge maple trees, right next to the pool and bike path. Two men have been sitting at the table a little ways away from where I am, both of them deep in conversation. It's easy to tell they are French, not just by the few words I over hear but also by the way they speak with their hands.

Josee and I stopped for lunch at "Spag&tini - le resto" on 40 Rue du Marche-Champlain. I had a mini crust pizza with a small Caesar salad. Delicious!

I can't believe it's already time to leave tomorrow. We don't have to be at the airport until around 5 or so mind you, so we will still get to enjoy a big part of the day. I will certainly miss these amazing bike paths designated for bikes only, ( biked another 40 km today), miss the beauty of the nature I've been surrounded by, and miss the people I've been with, although I must say, I am looking forward to seeing Andree and Pumpkin again real soon.

I am filled with gratitude for having had the opportunity once again to accompany Edith on her family excursion and for the opportunity to do some cycling  in Quebec city. By Wednesday evening I will be home and jumping right back into work mode again.

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