Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Back At It

My last nature stop at Pembina River Provincial Park about half way home.
I always find it tough getting back in the saddle after a time away on holidays. Not the bike saddle but the work saddle. The first morning is never a smooth transition into work mode. Even though I love my work getting back in the swing of things is always a bit of a challenge and this morning was no exception.

I felt a little resentful with having to once again be regulated by the clock in order to meet commitments, and not surprisingly, when starting off with that kind of frame of mind, is when things start to go wrong, and they did.

I needed to print forms for new clients and the printer kept refusing to respond to my computer's commands, I misplaced my car keys, I realized I hadn't gassed up and had to decide if I was going to chance driving the 70 km to work without making a side trip in the other direction in order to get gas, and through it all, I was trying to wrap my head around everything I needed to bring for my day's work in Peace River.

But, I finally got out the door. I took a chance and didn't run out of gas, all my clients showed up on time, and of course once I sat in my chair, I was able to get grounded and be fully present in the way I needed to be.

Tomorrow is another day.

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