Saturday, 13 August 2016

Building Memories With My Girls

  1. Our first real Cycling day in Cochrane Alberta. Karen and I did a short ride last night and today it was a longer ride with all four of us. Perfect weather for our mini holiday together.
Karen and I heading out last night.
Jody deciding to sit it out last night.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is a provincial park in the Calgary region. The majority of the park is located on the north bank of the Bow River. Here we are about to head out.

Heading down to the river

Lunch and cool down by the river

Climbing back up back!

My face is burning up!

What else can I take off!

Yup! It's a challenging ride back up!

While cycling in the trail was a whiz. Making our way back up the trail, on the other hand, was mighty different and a little exhausting.

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