Wednesday, 10 August 2016

End of The Day

It's a good feeling when the days's work is done. But, I can't complain. For the most part, my days work is very interesting, sometimes intense, sometimes intriguing, and mostly always rewarding. All except when the licensing requirements get more and more complex with each year I'm in practice.

Yes, there needs to be some regulations and safeguarding for clients so that they receive the best service possible, but OMG! If the list of yearly requirements, and the time and cost to fulfill these don't stop, all the therapists will require therapy to deal with the stress of staying in business.

Ok, enough about that. On to other things.
Looking to the West
I went for a one hour walk down the side road and along the water canal when I finished work tonight.
Looking to the East
Walking always helps me to change gears, refocus and move on to other things. Like getting my stuff together for my mother/daughter holiday. Tomorrow is "departure" day!

Prairie wheat field
The Canal
It was a good walk until the sun went down and the swarm of mosquitoes came out. Oh man, those little buggers can be vicious!

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