Friday, 18 November 2016

Drops of the Pen


 Behind my eyes lie the spoken and the unspoken of lives I’ve lived in the years I’ve been here. Much has been written about in my book, “In Search of Oneness” but there is more. 

Behind my eyes lies the lessons to bring to paper. I need to reach back there and find what more needs to be written. 

I have no idea what those lessons are – but know they are waiting to be discovered and that when I have the time and space to connect to my deeper self and let my thoughts formulate, I will reach for my pen and they will appear on the page. 

Sometimes I get impatient. Tired of the everyday necessities of life that seem to hold me hostage to my words. Sometimes I want to run from it all. Escape to my inside world where I can focus my attention until things spill out of me. 

Many things wait behind my eyes.


What matters is what I think, do, believe, and bring to the world.

What matters is being true to who I am no matter how difficult it may be.

What matters is a sense of connection with self, family, friends, purpose, and a sense of something bigger than I am.

What matters are the smaller things of life that we often take for granted like our ability to think for ourselves, to not have to think about each breathe we take, what our organs are going to do next or how. 

What matters is the beauty in a sunrise, a sunset, a fog rolling in across a prairie field or Northern Lights dancing in the sky.

What matters is that with each step we take we live our best self as much as we possibly can.

What matters is that we love with all our heart instead of holding back out of fear of being hurt in the process.

What matters is that we give without expectations and the ability to receive with a grateful heart. 

What matters is love - for without love nothing can exit.

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