Sunday, 20 November 2016

Step It Up

It was mighty chilly walking into that bitter East wind this morning. I had to step it up in order to stay warm and keep my walking buddy happy. He was bound and determined to follow his nose and investigate all the different smells on our path.

But after a couple of miles I gave him the command to sit so I could snap a picture or two and catch my breathe. He's not my dog so I'm not too familiar with his habits but it soon became apparent how unsure and anxious he is when out in a place he's not familiar with. Scared of his own shadow that one. He was side stepping and freaking out when I walked by the big statue in front of the church. So I took him out of town for a walk by the canal but he wasn't much braver out in the big wide open spaces either.

There was no snow on the ground when I went out this morning but when I went out for my second walk late this afternoon, the ground was sparkling white and still is.

No sunshine today. Maybe tomorrow. If not, I'll plug in my SAD lamp and get a dose of fake sunlight to keep a smile on my face and a bounce to my step.

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