Saturday, 12 November 2016

November You Say?

I will take it any day.

How beautiful the month of November has been so far. With the sun shinning and the wind blowing the farmers have been like a swarms of bees madly trying to bring in their crops while it lasted. I think most of them were lucky enough to reach the finish line.

Here I am taking a walk when the sun was out and the weather was more Spring like than November like.

We are back to cloud cover and drizzle today but that's okay. Much better than old man winter showing his face. I'm not ready for that yet. As far as I'm concerned it could snow on December 20th and all disappear by Jan. 20th. That would be enough winter for me. But, I live in Northern Alberta so I should be a little more realistic.

Here I am today hiding under my umbrella on my 5 mile walk in the, on again, off again, drizzly rain of today.

Look at these 6 little cuties all cuddled up in their outside makeshift home. Yes, there's actually six. One is so black you can barely see him. "No more cats," my honey says so I try and fill up on kitty love when I go to her son's place.

I got a new book the other day. I didn't dive into it yet but might just snuggle into my chair by the fireplace tonight and crack it open.

The Appalachian Trail stretches across 2,190 miles and goes through 14 states. In 1955 at the age of 67, Gatewood told her children that she was going for a walk and headed for that trail. She hiked the it again in 1960 and a third time in 1963 at the age of 75 when she did the trail in sections. Apparently, Emma sometimes averaged 22 miles a day.

I can't imagine it. I do 5 miles and I think I've walked a long way. I would love to build up the endurance to take a hike of that magnitude though.

Walk and write. I think I'd have no trouble living life that way. Who knows. Maybe someday.

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