Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Gift For You & Me

Why do we cower at the thought of revealing our true selves to the world?

Fear of judgment? Fear of ridicule? Fear of rejection? Fear of not being seen for who we really are? Fear of not being understood? Fear of being hurt? Or is it fear of our own greatness, owning it and having to live up to it?

Either way - it's a damn shame!

We only get one chance at this life as the person we are now. Let's wake up and quit dwindling time away. Let's make the most of each and every day by revealing our true selves to the world.

And, what our true self looks like doesn't matter. What matters is that you are you. The real you. Not someone you think you should be, or limit yourself from being, because of the fear of, ,,,,,,, fill in the blank with your own fear or fears.

We have to be willing to dive deep to uncover the limiting belief that keeps us from owning our power, standing in our truth and revealing our true selves to the world. Not doing so is cheating the world of who we are and what we have to offer.

Even if the only thing we have to offer is a smile, a touch, or our presence, for it is in the simplest of things that are the greatest gifts.

I believe that one of our major sources of unhappiness, is when out of fear or a need to protect ourselves, we go into hiding. For in the hearts of all people there's a basic human need, a yearning, to live from the truth of who we are.

If you want to gift me, let me see the real you. If I want to gift you, I will let you see the real me.

From this place - you and I will connect and become One.


  1. The more I reveal my "secret" self, the more delighted I am to learn that others are much the same inside, because once I've opened up, they do too. I'm not so "different" or so "cantankerous" or so "anti-social" or so "whatever" as I've been concerned I might be, compared to people I know. I'm so darn normal I'm boring! Hee!

    1. In the end we pretty much need or want the same things don't we. In the end, there's nothing more beautiful than when people reveal their "secret" self.