Tuesday, 29 November 2016

In Appreciation....

.....of the little things which really are the bigger things in life. Like having two eyes that function well rather than one good one and one that's totally whacky and uncooperative.

Yesterday afternoon, I was out on one of my walks between clients when all of a sudden it felt like something fell in my eye. Damn, I thought. A stupid eyelash I suppose. So I did the usual thing of pulling the top eyelid down on top the other and moving my eyeball around. I did that several times but to no avail. Whatever was in there wasn't coming out.

By the time I finished work, the eye was giving me a lot of grief and it made the drive home in the dark rather difficult. Andree was not home so I went to the mirror hoping to discover the source of my trouble. I really don't know how I thought I would manage that since I can't even make out the print in a book without my glasses, but it didn't dawn on me until I took my glasses off. That's when I went, "Duh! That's not going to work."

So I put my coat on and went to my brother's place and asked my sister-in-law if she could see anything. Nope. She couldn't see anything either. She did however have an eye bath solution meant to flush out anything that might be in there to try. So off I went.

Do you know how much easier it would be to rinse off your eyeball if a person could actually remove the eyeball and use their fingers to swish the darn thing around in the solution rather than tilting your head forward, holding a little container of solution on the eyeball, and keeping your eye open while you swish your head back and forth, allowing the solution to work it's way around your eyeball? Takes practice is all I can say.  

The eye didn't feel much better by morning so I cancelled my first appointment and took myself to the local hospital to have it checked out. Doc froze my eye and had a good look with some equipment that apparently enlarges the eyeball to four times the size. "Nope, nothing in there," he said. "Although there must have been before because your eye is full of puss modules so you will need some antibiotic drops to put in there to clear that up and a patch to wear for a bit after you put the drops in."

So here I sit tonight, after Andree has put drops in, looking like a one-eyed pirate trying to write a blog post. It's a good thing I don't have to look at my keys when I type and I can just focus on what appears on the screen as my fingers poke away at the keyboard. Reading my book or doing anything else seemed too difficult to do but this seems manageable.
My eye was feeling a bit better today so hopefully I only need one more application of drops tomorrow morning and it will be all cleared up. At least that's what I'm hoping for. But let me tell you, I've sure been appreciative of my eyesight these past 48 hours or so.


  1. Been there! and found it so damn uncomfortable. Anyway, glad it was only something in your eye and not a torn retina.

    1. Yup, me too. It's still annoying abut getting better for sure.