Sunday, 27 November 2016

This, That, And The Other

By the time I settle down in my chair it is always late in the evening. The smarter thing would be to go to bed but that rarely happens. I enjoy taking some down time to relax, read, cruise the internet, write in my journal or my blog while I listen to some of my favorite radio stations on Tunein Radio.

I like to walk about 5 miles (8 km) a day so between work, travelling, phone calls emails, meals, housework, etc., it doesn't leave much time to sit and do those other things I like doing. But, hey, the juggling back and forth to make it all work is part of what keeps life interesting and I'm not complaining - just saying.

This week, when I had a client that was a no show (hate it when that happens), I went for a walk along the river. It's nice when I can walk in the daylight rather than when it's dark out. With winter here and the time change thing, I'm at work during daylight hours now, so when I get a chance to walk in daylight I take it.

 I've started to work with students from two different schools again this year. This week I asked 2 of my younger ones to express what they were feeling with some molding clay. One child has parents who fight and argue all the time so he made his parents arguing with each other, then he made the angry dragon that grows inside him when his parents fight.

Yesterday we went to Grande Prairie to do a little Xmas shopping. We stayed overnight at Nicole's place and watched a movie with her and her companions who happen to think they belong to the human race.

The sisters - my three wonderful daughters, building memories while on a trip to Vegas to celebrate Jody's upcoming 40th birthday. When I asked them what they did in Vegas the answer was, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." LOL! Maybe there are times when it's best not to know everything!

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