Saturday, 1 September 2018

And I'm Off

An early start on my road trip to Kelowna and my much anticipated bike tours around the area. A very scenic cycling trip to feast my eyes on again but an easier one than last year. At least I think it will be easier, but who knows. My legs and my butt haven't had the opportunity to toughen up, so that might be the real challenge this time. Too bad sis no longer has a hot tub to soak in at the end of the day's ride.

I plan to be on the road early. It's always so peaceful in the early morning hours and so much less traffic on the road. I packed myself a lunch so I won't be stopping much except to fill the gas tank on the SUV and to empty mine. I'll be listening to the tunes and munching on a peanut butter sandwich, garden fresh carrots, hard boiled egg, snap peas, celery, oranges, and a bar. I'll be good for a while I'm sure.

Stay posted for more later......... 

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