Friday, 28 September 2018

High River Balloon Festival

Jody Bossy Photo
Jody's photo above is from last year's balloon festival and it was used for this year's calendar. Other photo's are my own. 

It's the first year Andree and I attend and it was a blast. Cold but a whole lot of fun to watch and be part of.

These first few photos are from the morning launch. I snapped those when my daughter Brenda and I were walking my grandson Finnley to school.

This guy dipped down to the river with his balloon then magically brought it back up again. 

Here's one when all the balloons are up for the morning launch. So beautiful with all the fall colors.

Getting all the balloons blown up before dark and before they let the crowds onto the grounds.

Getting darker now and they've let the crowds swoop down on the grounds.

Big puppy balloon with his tongue hanging out.

And here they are all lined up just before the sky got dark. We were getting pretty chilly by then.

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