Saturday, 8 September 2018

Back Home

I had a pretty good sleep in the back of my SUV at the Yellowhead campground last night. I am however, looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. The journey back to Donnelly was quiet, scenic, sunny, cloudy, contemplative and uneventful except for some wildlife which is always exciting to see. 

What a beautiful huge handsome fellow this elk was. He had a lot of admirers stop for a closer look. One of them being me but from inside my vehicle. Some tourists, with half a brain, got up close and personal, standing only a few feet away with their cameras like it was a stuffed animal they were doing a photo shoot with. And then they blame the animals when someone gets hurt. These are wild animals not household pets people!

And of course the even more frequent and just as admired sheep made an appearance too. There was a whole herd of those. I was also hoping to get some pictures of the Rockies but it was quite cloudy when I took off early this morning.

What a difference to leave the 26 degree weather and to get home to 10 degrees, wind and misty rain. I did NOT miss the wind.

It didn't take me long when I got home to have everything unpacked and put away. The only thing left to do is to unload my bike. Tomorrow I will be catching up on some stuff around here and Monday morning it's back to work. Back to reality. Busy times ahead I believe. C'est la vie!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to post everyday on your trip! It’s been great reading this again to know what you’re up to. Hope you keep it up!

  2. Thanks Jody. I would love to keep it up and I will try to do so but I am not making any promises. With September rolling around now, life and work is about to get busier. It was important for me to blog while on my trip to keep everyone in touch. What I find though is that when I write on my blog, everyone knows about me, but no one lets me know about them and how they're doing. It's a catch 22. I will post when I can, hopefully that will be more often than not.