Sunday, 16 September 2018

Gifts From Friends

Photo Credit goes to Marcel Tanguay
Even nature takes time for reflection. So should we. This morning I sat with my journal and I reflected on how contentment is a choice. Although I usually really enjoy fall, these wet, colder, cloudy, bleak kind of gloomy days suck my energy and don't rate very high on my totem pole of what ignites my zest and passion for life.

Still, as one can see in Marcel's photo, there is beauty and gifts to behold in the unpredictability of nature. Nothing has been as powerful for me as nature to teach me about respect, humility, and acceptance. Nature, like music and words, have also been and continue to be, my greatest provocateurs of emotions.

At times, I stand in awe, in disbelief, in wonder, in total amazement, connection and in love with nature. Other times the force of nature makes me fume with anger and a compassion that reaches down to my toes when I see the destruction, pain, and loss of lives it can leave in it's path.       


Two different nature scenes. The first as I left Edmonton earlier this week. The second taken the same day in front of my home 5 hours away from the first picture. While I was rejoicing in the gorgeous multitude of colors in the cities river valley, a heavy wet blanket of winter snow was creating havoc with the trees and farmer's crops at home.

Being there was no hurry to get back home to cut the grass or do any other outside chores, I thought, why not take the time to go visit the Cat Cafe! It's amazing to me how something as simple as spending a half hour with a dozen or so cats in a Cat Cafe, can awaken our child like self and ignite a whole other world within us. What an opportunity to share this time with a 93 year-old friend who also has an appreciation for the smaller gifts of life and getting totally lost in the present moment. A worthwhile stop indeed.

On one of my stops in Edmonton, another friend, Jeannine, gifted Andree and I with this absolutely adorable little bird feeder. I wasn't decided if I would continue to feed birds this winter, but this timely gift cinched it for me. I bet the chickadees will love this one. Thanks Jeannine and it was great to see you again!

But that wasn't all, I also got to spend a bit of time with my daughter Karen and her partner Steve. We shared good conversations and a meal together at Sparta Greek Grill. I enjoy being able to catch up with them and hear about how things are going in their lives. With our tummy's full all three of us headed to St. Albert to pick up a bike that Andree's friend was looking to get rid of. Lucky me! Now I have a bike that is easier to use on the gravel roads around here and a spare bike if company wants to join me for a ride around town. 

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