Wednesday, 26 September 2018

It's Beginning to.....

It's beginning to look at lot like fall around here. But, the leaves that are falling are just as green as the lawns they are falling on. It's a little weird really but lots and lots of rain this year and with the heavy frosts we've had lately, this is the result. Picked my first two bags of many more to come. A good arm exercise all that raking.

I wish I could have stopped on my way down the Peace River hill when I was going to work this morning. Oh my goodness. It's a very different scene there. The hills are covered with a bight yellow glow. It's a sight to behold.

An old farmstead that I drove by on my travels somewhere this fall. I can't for the life of me remember where I saw this place but it reminds me of how things were different back then, More simple in some ways yet much more difficult in other ways. For sure things are different. Things have changed.

It's a constant isn't it? Change, changes, and more changes. It’s part of life. It’s what makes a person grow. It’s where the power is. In the force and swiftness of the river raging through with all it’s aches and pains and difficulties and challenges along the way. Without it, would we even see or appreciate the sunshine and calm waters on the other side of the rapids? Would we come to appreciate the gifts that the present moment holds? Would we even see them if it were not for change coming our way? Life is meant to move and shift and change. It’s the natural order of things. 

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