Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Stocking Up

The pile isn't high enough yet. Hoping to get more before the snow flies but this is our first delivery. It might not be more of this kind though. Birch is the most expensive stuff to heat with but, man, does it ever give off an intense heat and it burns so nice and clean in our inside wood burning stove. Not that I want to see winter coming. but since we already had a rude awakening of a dump of snow earlier this month, I'm taking it as a warning sign to get my butt in gear and stock up so we can hunker down and cozy up with a nice warm fire when the time comes.

When the sun hid and the rain started coming down again this afternoon, I decided I was going to give up on the hopes of another weekend camping trip so I pulled the motor home up in the front yard and, with the help of my brother, got the darn thing winterized. Break my heart.

Coming back home from going to wash the truck I met up with this nasty looking cloud with a bright colorful rainbow coming out the bottom of it. Strangest thing I ever saw. Nasty and pretty at the same time. Kind of like us humans sometimes I think.


  1. Wow, that sky is something else! Very weird.
    I didn't realize your brother lives up there. It's not Marcel though, is it?
    And where are you getting all that lovely birch; are you wielding a chainsaw and heading for the bush?

    1. Bro (Roger) actually lives next door.
      Nope, I'm not the one wielding the chain saw. I can still do that but only little jobs. Not quite the bush woman I used to be. Lol! Why don't you make a trip up here Kate. You can come and sit by the fire to do your writing.