Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Animal World

Oh my goodness. What I would give to spend the day next to those two. My daughter, lucky her, got to spend a bit of time with them but not as long as she would have liked to. There were a lot of other people waiting for the chance to see and admire them too.

I just love monkeys and gorillas. Something about them just fascinates me. Maybe it's because humans and gorillas bear such a close resemblance to each other or maybe my affinity to them is because I was a gorilla in one of my previous lives.

How precious this mother daughter love or is it mother son love? I don't know. Doesn't matter. They're both adorable.
It's worth going to Calgary just to go see them but, once there, I don't know how I'd ever be able to pull away.

Now look at this flock of swans swimming around at Winagami Lake. Aren't they the most beautiful, most graceful creatures you've ever seen? I'm not sure why but they represent peace for me. They are graceful and peaceful and speak to me of gentle kindness.

They fill me with tranquility.
The daily visit of Mr. Robin
Marcel's favorite Red Wing Blackbird
And Mr. Woody Woodpecker himself!
I feel like I've been surrounded by nature with all the photos that were shared with me. Plus on my morning walk I met up a deer then on my evening walk the sunset brought it all together for me. It helped me take a deep breathe and let go of some of the tiredness I felt from my busy day.

There's a lot of gratitude for the gifts that came my way, plus the clients I saw and the opportunity to work out of my new office today.

Bird photos courtesy of Marcel T,

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