Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I had my previous cell phone for, what? Maybe two years or more, maybe even three. I suck big time when it comes to remembering dates, years, time frames.

The point is, I had my iPhone for a long time and when I decided to switch to a newer iPhone my old one still looked new.

Perfect shape, not a scratch on it. In fact it fetched a fair price when I put it up for sale on Facebook.

Back in December (at least I remember the month), I got a new bigger iPhone. Five months later, this is what it looks like.

The response I got from my step-daughter was something like, "Well, there you go, Welcome to the real world of being an iPhone user. You finally made it, graduated and you're now one of us!"

Not her exact words but gave me a good chuckle that's for sure.

You gotta laugh about those kind of things especially when you know it's your own damn fault for not having a case on this expensive little piece of equipment. I mean really. Who does that?

But you want to know something?

My partner got a new iPhone at the same time as me. Want to know something else?

I think it was something like two weeks after our purchase date that she dropped hers and smashed her screen to smithereens. Too bad I didn't think of taking a pic of hers. It was a winner as far as broken screens go.

Even funnier is that in both cases it happened when we were on a trip to Grande Prairie.

Moral of the story? There is none, except to say that shit happens and life goes on! That's just the way it is sometimes. There's bigger things in life to worry about.

But oh, the pain of switching to another phone and getting everything set up like a person is used to - that's a royal pain in the you know what.


  1. My iPhone isn't yet two years old but has been dropped at least three times. It's a miracle the screen is still in one piece. I'm not sure I'd miss it much if I didn't have it anymore, to be honest. I hardly ever use it these days and it sure as hell isn't worth the money I paid for it.

    1. I practically have the thing attached to me since it's how I function for my business. Sometimes I'd like to throw it away though. One day maybe I'll get to unplug.

  2. Haha shit happens and life goes on! Love it...that's the spirit! I've dropped mine so many times it's a good thing I have the Lifeproof case on it.

    1. Yes, I'll have to make sure I keep a case on the new one - if I can ever get to the store to do the switch over.