Monday, 23 May 2016

This and That - Here and There

It was graduation time for GP Vanier this weekend. Our little CJ, otherwise known as Charles Simoneau Junior (or my step-grandson) was one proud young man when he walked across stage in his graduation gown at the afternoon ceremonies and in his suit at the evening banquet and supper. He had to put in extra work to get his diploma but his perseverance and hard work paid off. He's off to college in September to study film making.

I hope you never ever lose your caring spirit and authenticity CJ. Love this boys hugs!

On Saturday after the grad, there was a family barbecue at the farm. I stuck around for most of it but at one point I snuck out for a 2 mile walk and a play time with the new kittens. There's five of those little critters. It's hard to keep myself from bringing them babes home.

So this kind of weird looking plant hangs in my new office. Does anyone know what it's called?

It makes these gorgeous flowers that give off a soft perfume kind of smell I can't quite identify but it's quite inviting.

I was part monkey tonight going up and down a 15 foot ladder in order to get high up into the trees to cut a whole bunch of dead and broken branches - most of which got damaged in our May winter storm. At one point my brother came to lend a hand. He went up to cut one of the larger limbs and I went on top the roof to guide it so it wouldn't come crashing down and damage the roof. Now I need to head for the shower and wash all the saw dust out of my hair.

By the time I finished all that it was 9 pm and for the first time in a long time the sun was still shinning and the wind had come to a standstill. I hauled my bike out of the shed and took it for a half hour spin around town. 

Whoa! I sure did miss that baby. Now I need to get my butt toughened up to go on a 2 or 3 day bike ride, destination yet to be determined.

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