Sunday, 22 May 2016

Meet Oscar

My walking partner for the evening.

I kind of like that having a walking partner. Wish I had one all the time. I might have to pin an ad at the post office.

"Old lady looking for a furry walking partner to join her in her impromptu walks around town, on country roads, or along the canal. Needs to be well behaved and ready to walk anywhere from 1 to 5 miles whenever my time allows which ends up being all kinds of irregular hours. If you and  your four legged agree - call me."

Here he is catching a snow ball in mid air.

Gulp! That was cold!

Yes, it's a snowball out of my back yard. Leftovers from the May long weekend winter storm that came marching through on Thursday and Friday. Should be all gone by tomorrow. I hope!


  1. My niece is looking for a good home for a stray dog that came to her place and had seven pups. She found homes for the pups and would love to keep the mom but can't and will have to take her to a shelter if a new "owner" isn't found. She says the dog is an absolute doll.

    Maybe you and Andree ... ?

    Yes, we've just lost our farm dog, but I don't want another one just yet.

    1. Thanks for thinking of us Kate. It would be hard for us to do at this time. As much as I'd love to say yes, we have a senior citizen cat who would literally die if we brought a dog into our home. I think I'll have to stick to walking other people's dogs for now.

  2. Replies
    1. He's Typanga's dog. (Nicole's daughter.)