Sunday, 29 May 2016

R & R Time

I picked a card from a tarot deck.

It said to nurture myself and get some rest and relaxation.

Who am I to argue?

Besides, Kate's comment on my last post was; "You are a workhorse, girl!"

Sometimes you just have to pay attention to stuff like that. Don't you think?

So I hurried up, took care of a few business things and some client paperwork, then I told my honey to grab our toothbrushes and our bathing suits and we jumped in the truck and headed out to Grande Prairie.

We browsed around, did some shopping, went out for supper, then booked a hotel room two doors down from the pool and hottub.

By that time it was already 9 pm and I'm sure it didn't take us more than 2 minutes flat to change into our suits, jump into the water and go, ahhhh.......what a treat!

Who knows, with no Pumpkin to poke, prod and meow in the morning, I might even have a sleep in. Although i doubt I even know what it feels like or how to do that anymore.