Thursday, 26 May 2016

It's Done!

I finally got the garden planted tonight. Wanted to make sure to get it in before we get the rain they say we are going to have in the next few days.

Let's see. Two rows of peas, two rows of beans, one row of beets, two rows of carrots, one row of kohlrabi, two rows of onions and 8 plants of potatoes in my little garden patch here.

Next I went to Eric's (Andree's nephew) farmyard about 10 km from home and planted another 45 plants of potatoes. That should do it I'd say.

Oh wait! That's not all. I planted some sun flowers too. Can't wait for those smiley faces to pop out of the ground!

I also got to borrow a pick-up truck and loaded the thing right up to the cab roof with all the broken tree limbs and dead branches that I cut down the night before. Hauled all that down to the burn pile over at the town site here.

Didn't manage to cut the grass though. Ran out of time for that. Maybe tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I was preoccupied with getting the garden in and totally forgot to snap a few pics of the whole process until it was too late so I snapped one of this abundant little flower that adorns everyone's yard at this time of the year.

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