Sunday, 1 May 2016

Remarkable Birthday

What else could one call it when a friend turns 90!

Edith's official birthday is on May 4th but a Sunday celebration made it easier for everyone and what an awesome celebration it was.

It started off with a delicious home cooked supper followed by a gift opening. Then we topped it off with a huge slice of ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

Thanks to modern technology we were able to share a lot of the celebrations with her family in Quebec via Skype. It was a fun time had by all.

A special gift of art from a dear niece Josee

Skype gift opening with her niece and 94 year old sister in Quebec.
I wonder what could be hiding under the blanket?

A place to journal in the morning sun and to eat lunch outside. 
I hope I get to live that long, maintain such a positive attitude and be so full of life.

We better put our thinking caps on to figure out how to celebrate her upcoming 100th birthday.

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