Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Guest Blogger

I have a heavy week this week so my daily fitness walks are even more important to me, not only for keeping fit but to clear my head after a full day with clients. It's part of my self-care plan and serves me well. The only dilemma I have is figuring out how to write and walk at the same time. Haven't quite figured that one out yet.

Today;s walk took me over to the Agricultural Grounds where a few people board their horses. There's something about the sight and smell of horses that grounds me and brings me down to earth. It helps me forget about everything and gives me a sense of coming home to myself. I couldn't get a picture of the horses since they were busy getting groomed by their owners but I did snap a few other pics.

By the way. You just might want to wander over to the link below and have a read. It's my friend Kate's blog  A little while back Kate invited me to be one of her guest writers by responding to five specific questions.

Go on - get over there and have a read! You just might decide to pull up a chair and stay awhile.

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