Monday, 31 October 2016

Another Fun Day

When I took a look around the pool side tonight it made me think of a monastery. Everyone going in and out of the pools are wearing long white robes, supplied by the hotel, and in the mist and vapor of the steamy hot water rising above the pools and the semi-dark night, we look like a tribe of monks scurrying around the grounds.

There are signs posted here and there saying we are not allowed to take pictures in the pools. I agree, it's not right to take pictures of people we don't know if we don't have permission to do so. It's a matter of respect. Besides what if we capture someone on camera who is there with someone other than who he or she is supposed to be with. I'm sure that's happened before. But then, I've been known to not always follow rules and as you can see, I did sneak in a few pics, however I did choose a time when there was very few people around.

There are 3 outside pools of varying temperatures. One is deep and can be used for swimming. One is for families and kids. The third one is for adults only. There are also two inside adult only pools in a building intended for relaxation and reflection with soft music playing in the background. One pool is a deep one and the second, which is the hottest of all the pools, is a circular sitting pool.

The ceiling above this circular pool is high and dome like and reminds me of some of the native center I've visited. I sensed a powerful energy sitting in this pool.

I soaked 3 different times for about an hour each time today and I will be there again before our 11 am check out time tomorrow morning.

By afternoon we will be making our way back to Abbotsford where we will be starting our journey back home. We fly to Calgary and from there grab another flight to Grande Prairie arriving there at 11 pm. tomorrow night.

I went for a walk on the pathway by Harrison Lake after the rain tapered off late this afternoon. There was still lots of clouds in the sky but it wasn't cold. All in all we can't complain about the weather. We had a little bit of everything which is to be expected around this time of the year.

When it was raining Andree and I went exploring around town a little and came upon Sasquach sitting on a bench by the place we went for lunch. Andree sat down and assumed the same stance.

And me, I tried to get him to move or to give me a hug but the old guy just sat there grinning and wouldn't budge.

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