Monday, 3 August 2015

Fell Through The Crack

I crashed yesterday, fell through the crack, so I'm operating in slow motion today. I wasn't too bad in the early morning up until lunchtime. After a morning visit to some friends, I came home to plan out how the rest of the day would unfold and suddenly realized nothing more was going to happen. I might of had all kinds of plans in mind for the afternoon but the Universe had it's own idea of what I would be doing.

The slight sore throat and heaviness of the morning turned nasty. I ached everywhere, my head felt heavy, then I started feeling chilled and feverish. We had several visitors drop by but they came to join me on the back deck where I spent the afternoon and evening sitting or lying in my lounge chair under a blanket even though it was sunny and 27 degrees.

Around 8 pm I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup, another Advil, snuggled under my blanket inside and settled into another chair to watch a few Netflix programs and by midnight I crawled into bed.

Today my head feels like a mushroom and my throat and ears are fighting for first place to get my attention and I'm doing my darn best to ignore them. Little buggers! I'll show them who's boss!

I had many plans for today as well but those took a U-turn too. My body is begging for attention so I haven't got much choice but to oblige. I hauled all my tools out on the deck with me. I've got my computer, my journal, phone, pens, water, blanket, pillow and music.  Looks like my lounge chair is where I'll spend most of my day again.

I have the sound of my fountain behind me, the wind rustling through the leaves, robins, squirrels and chickadee's chirping away. There's some fluffy white clouds performing some slow motion ballet to feast my eyes on and I have my cat to keep me company. What more could a person ask for? I love being outside. This in itself is enough to heal my body, mind and soul.

I'm glad I didn't feel this way on Thursday and Friday. We attended the wedding of my sister's grandson in Slave Lake, a town two hours from where we live. It was a beautiful, artistic, original, and personal wedding even with 120 people attending. The bride and groom are two compassionate, loving individuals who knew how to make their day special for them and everyone who attended.

The youngest in attendance was a 4 week old Mason and I got to cuddle with him for a while here and there.

We also took the time to go investigate Devonshire beach while we were there. I hope to go back one day before summer is over.

And this is pretty much the only thing I did today except for setting up my Author Page on Facebook, which you can visit at and writing in my journal.

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