Monday, 17 August 2015

Project Completed

I'm thinking ahead. It took two days of working at it off and on but we got her done! It might get cold and miserable outside but I'll be chasing old man winter away and keeping warn and snugly inside. I even chopped three boxes of kindling ready and stored in a dry place.

Finished just in the nick of time too. I was just putting my tools away when the thunder, lightning started and minutes later came a huge downpour. I pushed it a little and I was stiff and sore but darn glad that we persevered and the feat was done when I saw that storm coming through. Appreciated the rain though and what a gift it left us with. A double rainbow in clear view from arch to arch.

On a different note - 6 years ago today on August 17th, Mom took her last breathe. It was a very tough day. I still think of her often. Miss parts of her and wonder if parts of her miss me.

Every time I do a book reading, like I'm about to do again soon, I can't help but wonder if she shakes her head in disapproval and disbelief or if she's at peace and it finally doesn't matter anymore. I hope it's the latter.


  1. Wow Annette, that's one BIG job you've completed! Brings back fond memories of my wood-stacking, woodburning days, too.

    I bet your mom is amazed at what you've done and are doing, and admires you for it.