Saturday, 29 August 2015

Life Evolving

Sometimes life is far from easy. In fact sometimes, it's darn right hard.

It's one thing to go through difficulties myself. It's an entirely different story to be sitting in the background and watch my adult children go through the same, or very similar difficult situations I went through.

As my three daughters have grown and matured into the beautiful women they've become, each of them, at one time or another, has run into some difficult life situations, issues, learning's, or time of transition. It's not easy knowing I can no longer apply a band-aid, kiss it away, or hold them tight and make it all better.

I used to be able to do that for them when they were small and they were dealing with small things, but as they got older the small things became bigger things. And although in their heart they know I will always be there to love and support them through the hard times, I don't think they quite know (not yet) how difficult it can be to not be able to make it all better like I once could.

But that's part of life and as it should be, I think.

Now my daughters have children of their own and it's their turn to apply the band-aids, to comfort, to hold, to kiss it better and to wipe away the tears. But before long, they will be the ones standing in the background, loving and supporting wishing they could make it all better for their grown children.

Life has a way of moving forward and evolving that way.


  1. Beautiful photograph.
    You're a great role model for those girls, especially when it comes to proving that we have the strength to come out on the other side of hard times.

  2. Thank you Kate. Yes, perhaps the fact that we can come out the other side is the greatest teaching isn't it?