Sunday, 16 August 2015


Imagine my surprise when I looked outside this morning and saw a burst of yellow. I thought that 9.5 foot sunflower would just keep reaching for the sky and never make a bloom. I was as pleased as punch when I peeked out my window. I must say it looks kind of weird though. Such a huge plant with a tiny little flower at the very top.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today and I loved every minute of it. Kept myself pretty busy mind you but I was outside most of the day and that's a plus.

Tonight we shared a delicious meal and a game of cards with some friends, came back home and worked on my project a bit more, then company showed up for a visit until 10:30 pm.

In the morning it's back inside for my sit down job. After that I can hopefully finish the project I started today. More on that tomorrow.

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