Friday, 21 August 2015

Different Times

A fun and productive day here in the city today. Cold as heck though. Fall is certainly in the air. Did I hear that some places got snow? That's a four letter swear word right now. Go away! Don't want to see that here for a while yet.

Bunked myself on the forehead today. (Don't even ask how. It's too silly to explain.) In no time at all I had a nasty looking little purple lump sitting just above my right eyebrow. It looked like I got stung by a bee or had a run in my the power brush for my vacuum.

I went to Audrey's book store downtown to bring them some of my books to sell on consignment. Ran around to different places looking for some stuff we need that we can't find in stores at home.

Right after lunch, I went shopping with my daughter and two grand children Cole and Sadie. Then I made a big supper for everyone, washed some windows and cleaned up a few things.

After supper my granddaughter and I went to the pool. We played catch in the water for a while, swam and played around a bit, then warmed up and relaxed in the hot tub for awhile.

I was hoping it would make my sore back completely disappear. It helped but I still very much know where it hurts.

I'll help a bit more around here tomorrow but the first plan of action is to go to the big Farmer's Market over on Whyte Avenue.

Planning to be there by 8 am if we can get these two teenagers to crawl out of bed at what they think is an ungodly hour to even open their eyes.


  1. You can come wash my windows next!!

  2. You've made me miss my mother's visits. She didn't wash windows, but if she was spending a couple days she'd always pick a room and swab it out from top to bottom. I appreciated that so much!

    1. You know I miss your mom too - the posts you used to do about her I mean. If I ever go visit you I'll bring my swabs.

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