Sunday, 17 January 2016

Brave or Stupid - I'm Not Sure Which.

Went out this morning to get some more wood for the fireplace. I believe the temperature was at -27 and with the wind chill it was said to be -33.

I finished hauling in wood and decided to get my walk in regardless of the weather.

Not sure that was such a smart idea. It wasn't too bad when I had that East wind in my back but ohh-la-la! That wind sure had a bite when I was heading the other way. I had to slip my glasses into my coat pocket because they just kept freezing up on me.

It was nice and sunny though and I had fun walking down the road that leads to the lagoon. No one was down there since our last skiff of snow fall. I love being the first one to make tracks. Feels special somehow. The weirdest and simplest things bring me pleasure I tell you.

I wonder if it's from taking too many walks in this blasted cold!


  1. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't delight in the small, simple things.

    1. Yes, sometimes that's where life's greatest pleasures lie.