Monday, 11 January 2016

Laid Back Sunday

Walking in the middle of the field on the snowmobile tracks in Big Sky country.

Pumpkin will be 17 this year. That's a whole lot of years for a cat. I hope she has a whole bunch more. She may not be the most friendly (well maybe the least friendly) cat in the world, but she's sure grown on me in all these years. Mind you at 7 am sharp, weekend or not, when she's relentlessly pawing me in the face so I will serve her breakfast, I could very well do without her.

The woman who came from 7 hours away to do an intensive counselling retreat with me has gone back home. It was a good experience both for her and for me. She was pleased with the results and I really enjoyed it. I'm right in my element with this type of work. I love more in-depth sessions with immediate follow through. People can journey a lot faster than having a session once a week. Wish I could do more of those. I have to do some thinking around that.

Facing the other way. Hey, that's my shadow.

Tomorrow morning I will make the draw for my Facebook promotion for the 5 winners who will receive a free copy of my book. I hope whoever wins will enjoy the read.

I've was thinking today that I should try to organize a sort of book tour and reading at various libraries or book clubs. I could take a few days in February and take a little road trip. I'll see if I can find time to look into that tomorrow. Kate, would your library be interested  you think?

Andree and her sister went to play cards at the seniors club today, as they often do on Sundays. I went out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine, did a meditation, caught up on some computer work and got supper ready.

Hey, did you notice? The days are getting longer! I can't wait to sit on my back deck to have my morning munchies and tea. Will be a little while yet I suppose.

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  1. Nothing seems to go on at the local library except one morning when someone reads stories to children. People only come out to public events where food is served! Even then, you can put on an event -- for example, with a fine travelling musician -- and be lucky if two people attend. You would probably be sorely disappointed (and out of pocket for fuel) if you did a reading here. However, I can put you in touch with the lady who works at the library, and can give you a bedroom for however long you like.