Monday, 4 January 2016

Isn't She A Beauty?

I received this art piece as a present for Christmas from a friend in Armstrong. I absolutely love it!

I've got it on the wall right in front of my computer so I see her every time I sit at my desk which is almost all the time when I'm not at the office or out and about.

I do way too much sitting. I love to write and I haven't figured out a way to do it without sitting. Plus, my job requires that I sit all the time.

I don't think clients would feel I'm very present to them if I were bouncing around on an exercise ball or walking in circles around my office. I'd walk out in a hurry if someone did that to me.

I love the painting except for the fact that it tends to lead me to some day dreaming and wishful thinking of sitting by the water enjoying being in nature and contemplating the wonders of life. I relax me whenever I glance her way. Maybe that's the message she's here to bring me - relax!

I didn't make it out for a walk today. Thought of it. Almost went but decided I better get caught up on all the things I needed to get done tonight. I did get suited up in my snow gear and went out to the woodpile to replenish the inside supply. The wood disappears fast on these nippy cold days. Relax - yes, I'm going to do that right now!