Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Right Up My Alley

The woman who is coming to do a four day counselling retreat with me arrived today. I look forward to seeing her twice a day and doing some intense work with her.

I absolutely love working with people who make a serious commitment and want to get down to business. This kind of intensive work is for me the ideal of what counselling ought to be.

I wish more people had the opportunity to work this way. In fact I'm thinking of changing the focus of my website to reflect such retreats and intensive one on one work with individuals as my specialty.

I went for a walk this morning before heading out to work. I walked between the railroad track and the edge of the bush line that's only a few steps from my house. I was glad to have my ski pants on and all the rest of my winter gear. Kind of brisk out there with a biting little wind that made my nose run and had me sniffling all the way.

My friend Marcel shared his photos of his winter flowers in full bloom with me.
Aren't they gorgeous creations of nature!