Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Another Change

Sometimes it feels like I no sooner adjust to one change and another one comes along. The greatest part of which has to do with getting older. 

More wrinkles, less spring in my footsteps, whiter and thinner hair on my head and a thicker crop sprouting in places where it shouldn't, hands that belong to my mother, skin that sags, and today, an eye exam that revealed that my eyesight has changed requiring yet another pair of glasses. 

And what a challenge it is to try on pair after pair of glasses in order to decide which ones to buy.

Number 1, the reason I need glasses is because I can't see, but I have to take off my glasses in order to try new ones on but those don't have my prescription in them so everything looks blurry and I can't really see what they look like.

Number 2, there's a tag hanging from the arm of the glasses that gets in the way and the brand name of the glasses is printed across the lenses that make my already blurred vision worse. 

Number 3, I have to keep taking the new frames off and putting my old glasses back on my face to be able to read the price of those I'm trying on.  

Number 4, I decide to use my phone to take a picture of myself with the new frames to see what the new glasses will look like on me. But, without my glasses I can't see how to operate my phone in order to take the picture.

Number 5, I ask the optical people to come to my rescue and give me their honest opinion on what works and what doesn't work. I trust in their judgment and make the final decision.

On my way home from Edmonton, I contemplate the gift of sight and how fortunate we are when we can see. And how important it is to flow with the changes as they come to me. I hope I feel the same way when I get my glasses next week.


  1. I can commiserate with your glasses-buying experience! Especially the tags in the line of vision. My eyesight is not so bad that it's blurred without glasses, so one difference between your attitude and mine is that when the clerk kept offering me her unrequested opinion, I thought "I don't care what YOU think looks good, thank you very much. I'LL decide!"

  2. Yes, I felt the same way as you at the first place I went for frames where the lady was obviously just trying to push me through and just make one more sale to add to her list. I soon walked out of there. The second place I went was different with a kind lady that I felt was genuinely trying to help people and not trying to push anything on people.