Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Days Adventures

Before others were out and about this morning, I went for a walk on my own and came upon these colorful mushrooms. I have never seen the likes of these before.

I have to remain super attentive when I go for a walk in a strange place. My sense of direction sucks and I can easily get myself completely turned around and end up on a much longer walk than I set out for.

Fortunately I didn't get lost and got back in time to take our hosts out for morning brunch at a swanky little coffee shop type of restaurant after which they treated us by taking us to the beach. Today was the perfect beachcoming day. Neither hot nor cold and bright and sunny.

I had to keep reminding myself that we are flying back home and not driving. Otherwise I would have ended up with 50 lbs of rocks, shells, and various other beach treasures. I had some difficult choices to make and still I'll be adding a few pounds to our suitcase.

Kitsilano Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vancouver. The beach faces out onto Burrard Inlet. I don't know that I'd enjoy it as much in the middle of summer when it's jammed full of people but on a day like today it was easy to do our own thing and not feel distracted by others who were out and about peacefully doing their own thing too.

Andree always likes to make a collage sort of things with what she gathers from her nature walk, then she takes a picture of her creation and leaves most of it behind only taking one or two pieces she can't part with home with her.

While she does her own thing, I usually go for a longer ocean walk and collect a few pieces myself. But the best part of it all is the total experience of the sound of the water, the cry of the sea gulls, the crunch of sea shells under my feet, the smell of the salt water, the ocean breeze against my skin, the newness of what my eyes feast upon - cargo ships of all shapes and sizes, sailboats gliding by, children and adults alike throwing rocks in the incoming tide, huge rocks with barnacles and seaweed hanging from their sides, the city skyline in the distance. All of it calling to me to pay attention, to be fully present and to appreciate each moment I'm in.


 But, eventually we had to pull ourselves away and make our way back to the house to pack our suitcase and start to make our way out of the city and get on the road to Harrison Hot Springs.

We got here around 5:00 pm and didn't lose any time at all to check into our room, change into our swim suits and go check out the hot pools. I could very easily get used to a life of exploration and travel that feeds my frequent yearning for adventure and change.  

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