Saturday, 29 October 2016

Color My World

We were at the airport in Grande Prairie at 5 am. but it took a longer time than usual to land in Edmonton. We had to circle around up in the air for a long time waiting for the fog to clear up enough for us to attempt a landing. A little bit longer and the pilot would have flown us to Calgary in order to land before running out of fuel. But we were lucky that the blanket of fog lifted enough for us to touchdown just before the crucial decision time.

Landed in Abbotsford, on a beautiful sunny afternoon. How wonderful it was to see the sun and not have to deal with any slush and mud. I absorbed as many rays as I possibly could whenever I was out of a building or out of the car.

 I gawked at the beauty of the various vegetation, the snow capped mountains, the ocean ports, the Port Mann bridge, the huge homes, and the fresh meat, fish, and vegetable markets and many artisan shops.

The trees are just starting to loose their leaves here in Vancouver.. 

Andre had a short snooze in the car while I went for a short walk and picked a few humongous leaves. 

I felt like I had emerged from a black and while world and been dropped into a colorful one.

A huge Inukshuk at the front door.

An entertainer on the dock at Granville Island
I'ts not supposed to be as nice tomorrow but today was a perfect as far as the weather goes. I felt like Vancouver welcomed us with open arms and was very grateful for our day.

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