Monday, 10 October 2016

Pumpkin my Friend

I am grateful we decided not to go anywhere and to spend our time at home today.  
I am grateful you came to lay on the couch between Andree and I this afternoon wanting to be petted and loved for almost an hour or so.
I am grateful for the many times you came for a walk with me by the railroad track, around a block or two, through the back alley and up to our place again.
I am grateful for how quickly and how well you adapted to our many moves to different homes in various locations, back and forth from one province to another, and back again.
I am grateful for the zillion times you greeted us and welcomed us home when we walked through the door.
I am grateful for your cuddles and your purrs when we were feeling under the weather and you knew we needed a little extra tender love and care.
I am grateful for how much joy you've brought to Andree and I over the past 17 years. You weren't the friendliest cat, and you made it hard for others to like you. but you were our cat, our munchkin, and we loved you very much. 
I am grateful we found the strength to make the decision that was right by you tonight. 
I'm grateful that the vet we saw was kind, gentle, and compassionate in how she received us and administered her care. That Andree and I were able to hold and love you until your pain subsided and you eventually, quietly slipped away. 
Our hearts hurt as we brought you home and buried you tonight. 

Happy travels as you look out yet another window. 

The house won't be the same without you.

"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." 
Alfred Lord Tennyson


  1. She was with us a very long time. Grouchy to everyone else but us. To us she gave love, trust and respect. A loyal friend to the last. She will be missed a lot

  2. Sorry for the loss you and Andree experienced. No she wasn't the friendliest cat to outsiders but a great, loyal companion to you both. The unconditional love a pet provides is unbeatable. It's hard when we as owners have to make these tough decisions but she is now free from her pain and suffering. I'm sure Jake and Rambo welcomed her with open paws...even though she never liked them either. Hugs!