Thursday, 20 October 2016

City Excursion

When you live in the boonies you have to make trips to the city if you want to do any major purchases, see specialists or get a new pair of glasses. That's just the way it goes in Northern Alberta.

So sometimes we combine a "have to" trip with a little pampering such as one night in a hotel room with a king size bed, pool and hot tub. There's nothing like a good soak after a 5 hour trip on the road, running around the city to various appointments and going from store to store looking for what we need.

We did take a break from all the rushing around however. We called an old friend and went and picked her up so she could join us for supper at Tony Roma's. It was a very enjoyable evening with some catch up discussions on how things have been since we last saw each other back in April.

Tomorrow is another day of going here and there and making decisions on a few needed household purchases along with a visit with my two older grandchildren, my daughter Karen and her beau Steve. We're going to bunk down at their place tomorrow night and likely head back home on Saturday sometimes.

My computer sitting on the desk mostly always end up being the usual decor when we get a hotel room. Writing in my journal or on my blog is part of my kick back and relax time before I go to bed. Which by the way I should think about doing since I've been up since 4:30 am and it will be another busy day tomorrow.

Oh wait.....did you see the sun today?

Jumping Jupiters! It was +14 here today. Right up my alley I tell you. Bring it on man. Bring it on!


  1. I like your new glasses! They look great!

  2. Thanks Jody. I thought it would be hard to adjust but I put them on and it's good. Plus I can see!