Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sea World - A Visual Journey

We started our day sitting in a circle in the living room, holding conversation and sipping on a cup of hot steaming tea until about 10:30, at which time, armed with umbrellas, we made our way to a local bistro for brunch.

From there, Anne took on the role of tour guide driving us around Vancouver pointing out various landmarks and different sections of the city, what they are known for, and explaining things along the way. One of our request of, things to do and see, was to go to various ocean front beaches and parks to go to in the city.

It was less than an ideal day for beachcoming in the pouring rain, but we made a stop at one of them just the same. There's only so many beaches a person can go by without stopping and picking a rock or two. Ahh... the smell of the ocean and the sound of the water splashing up against the rocks. I took a deep breathe and soaked it all in!

From there we made our way to Stanley Park, explored around there, then bought tickets for admission to the Vancouver Aquarium where we spent a good 4 hours and still we didn't see it all, but we did see most of it. It was our first time exploring the sea world and what a treat it was. Absolutely worth the money and the time.

There was lots to see and too much to mention but I did snap pictures so here's a short visual tour.

There was four of these little monkeys. I could sit and watch those all day. 
This pair played and gave us a good show.
Jelly fish galore!

A huge, huge, turtle.

The sea otter - another one i could watch all day long.

A huge white whale swimming on it's back.
The ships were all lined up waiting to get into port.

I'm bound and determined to find a few choice rocks.
Of course there was much, much more and the pictures are never like the real thing, so make sure that if and when you get a chance to go to Vancouver, you go visit the aquarium. it's well worth it.

Tomorrow, we've put in a request for our tour guide to take us to yet another beach so we can walk around and explore, then we want to visit a couple of specialty shops before we leave the city and make our way to Harrison Hot Springs. What a rough life we're living these past few days! 

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